Our Story



Every fitness company calls themselves innovative. But what does it mean? At Freemotion, being innovative means questioning how we workout and redefining it. We do things not because everyone else is doing them, but because no one else is doing them. We know that life isn’t about working out, but working out is what creates a more adventurous life. We make machines that change your mood, mind and fitness level. We partner with business owners, community centers and franchisees to create a workout experience you can’t get at the facility around the corner.

Innovation is about getting there first - like how Freemotion introduced cable-based strength training, the Incline Trainer and the first road simulating indoor bike. Innovative is more than something you call yourself, it’s what gets you out of bed every day. It’s the reason why Freemotion is a part of ICON Health and Fitness - a leading fitness manufacturer, 40 years strong. At Freemotion we don’t call ourselves innovative, we live innovation each and every day.

Our History


Cable Strong

Ground Zero introduces the first full circuit cable-based strength training line which would come to be known as the Genesis line.

Learn more about Genesis


Quicker, better

Ground Zero introduces QuickSpeed and QuickIncline to the fitness industry.


The Big Launch

Ground Zero Design founded in Colorado Springs, CO.


A New Beginning

ICON HEALTH & FITNESS acquires Ground Zero.


Entertainment Upgrade

Freemotion introduces integrated flat screen TVs on their cardio equipment, a first in the fitness industry.


ICON Health & Fitness Acquires Ground Zero Design

ICON Health & Fitness acquires Ground Zero Design, the company who designed the first cable-based strength training line.

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Ground Zero renamed Freemotion Fitness.


Rise Up

Freemotion introduces Incline Training with the launch of the Incline Trainer.

Learn more about the Freemotion Incline Trainer


Going Strong

Freemotion unveils their first selectorized line, which would later be known as EPIC Selectorized.

Learn more about EPIC Selectorized


Establishing Roots

Freemotion relocates to ICON Health & Fitness headquarters in Logan, Utah.


Tech Boost

iFit first appears on the console of the Freemotion Incline Trainer.

Learn more about iFit


Revolutionary Run

Freemotion introduces the Reflex Treadmill, creating a gentler, more productive run with the introduction of Reflex Cushioning.

Learn more about the Reflex Treadmill


Progressive Workout

Freemotion introduces LiveAxis, the first line of equipment using progressive resistance technology.

Learn more about LiveAxis


Double Time

Freemotion introduces Genesis DS, a full line of dual station, freeflow cable-based training.

Learn more about Genesis DS


Ride like a Champion

Freemotion introduces the Tour de France Bike, the first indoor bike to incline and decline, simulating the terrain of an outdoor ride.

Learn more about the TDF Bike


Outside the Box

Freemotion introduces FitRig, the modular gym solution that creates functional and HIIT training circuits.

Learn more about FitRig


Brand New

Freemotion rebrands with a new look to reignite passion and solidify their commitment and longevity to the fitness industry.