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Part 2: Delivering Long Term Engagement


Future of fitness

Is your content driving long-term engagement? How can you boost your facility’s brand through content? Chris Becker and Chris McGill continue to help you examine whether your content drives long-term engagement, or short term distraction, as they lay out the path to improving retention through engagement.

Key Takeaways

1 | Gamify content to hook members in

Content that allows for healthy competition – and a sense of accomplishment – gamifies the member experience, keeping them hooked in.

2 | Boost your facility’s offering through content

Boost your offering with content-driven fitness equipment that enables members to access engaging, progressive, coach-led workouts and group classes anytime they want.

3 | Progressive workout series = enhanced engagement

Progressive workout series – much like the “Netflix effect” – increase engagement. Members are excited to reach the next stage and see what’s next.

4 | Meet members where they’re at in their fitness journeys

Enabling members to create their own “content paths” – tailored to their individual needs, fitness levels, and goals – allows operators to meet members “where they’re at” in their fitness journeys for increased engagement.

5 | Time for reinvention

Reinvention starts with the way we think about – and produce – fitness content to connect with members on a deeper level, inside and outside the four walls of our facilities. Focusing on interactivity and education is how we achieve this.

VP of Global Sales – Freemotion

Chris McGill

Chris McGill has been a force within the industry for nearly 30 years – educating, leading, inspiring, and influencing which products are used in gyms around the world. Chris helped to revolutionize the industry with the introduction of functional training more than 20 years ago – however, his leadership with the industry didn’t begin or end with that significant contribution. Currently the Vice President of Global Sales at Freemotion Fitness, Chris continues to lead with a passion and commitment to his team, customers, and industry, continuously driven to improve the way we all work out.

CEO – YMCA of Greater Waukesha County

Chris Becker

Chris Becker is in his 35th year of YMCA leadership and has developed an impressive track record. Becker started with the Dallas YMCA and moved into an Executive role with the Oklahoma City YMCA. A Wisconsin native, he returned home to become the CEO of the then Waukesha, WI YMCA in 1996. Now almost 25 years later, Becker has built the YMCA of Greater Waukesha County into an 8 branch association with annual operating revenue of $20M with over $45M in assets. His visionary work in strategic operations, facility development and board governance has ensured a strong future for the YMCA in the region.

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22 Series

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