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The Role Gyms Can Play in Improving Mental Health

Mental health issues are firmly in the spotlight thanks to COVID-19 and the difficulties it has caused for people coping with isolation, job loss, illness or the death of a loved one. For some people, physical activity can help improve and bolster mental health. For years we have spoken about the “feel good” effect exercise serves us up and now, club operators have a real opportunity to tap into how they can add value to their members life on a number of different levels.


Coming back from the pandemic, gyms have the ability to improve their members’ and staff’s mental health thanks to iFIT and the latest innovation iFIT Mind, which perfectly blends physical and mental health training. 

The World Health Organisation reports on data that shows “one in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives” and 792 million people worldwide live with a mental health disorder – there’s never been a more appropriate time to offer people a genuine solution that works our minds and bodies; the solution is iFIT Mind.

iFIT Mind, launched in May 2021, has more than 300 first-of-their-kind workouts that simultaneously target physical and mental health. Delivered by iFIT’s awesome line up of incredible trainers, the new innovation delivers a revolutionary interactive experience of mind and body workouts – curated and designed to enrich the harmony between physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. In this cutting edge content, we get to unpeel the backstory of some of our favourite iFIT trainers, learning about their personal motivations, challenges and how they’ve achieved what they have. Each story is incredibly inspiring and is motivating members across the world to seek help and support or giving them the tools and techniques they need to conquer their fears.  

These “Heart to Heart” stories are bolstered by leading doctors and experts in both physical and mental training, and users are given the support and instruction to become the best versions of themselves through the three Ms: mindfulness, meditation, and movement

iFIT understands the deep connection between physical and mental health. For our bodies to be healthy we must train them and the same principle applies to our minds too. 

We live and work in a world where people want and expect more. Therefore, as gym operators you need to be offering more than just a line of treadmills or a few exercise bikes. People want and value experiences. The great news is that you can offer them more. You can offer them experiences. You can enhance and enrich their lives. All thanks to iFIT. 

Offering a plethora of transformative experiences around mental resilience, anxiety, mood food (nutrition for your mind), mind-body connection, self-love, healing practices, and so much more, iFIT Mind provides the ultimate tool for helping members to make meaningful, sustainable changes in their lives – the primary aim of every fitness facility and coach! 

Club operators can harness the power of iFIT and iFIT Mind through the Freemotion 22 SERIES cardio line and therefore offer value to their staff and members’ lives. 

What’s great is that the content on offer is highly relevant. It can be personalized and tailored to individual needs. With iFIT Mind you can innovate and pioneer a new opportunity for you, your club and your members.  With 20,000 views a day and more than 5 million subscribers, momentum and growth will continue.  

iFIT Mind is available on the iFIT app and across iFIT-powered Freemotion cardio equipment, the 22 SERIES. 


The future of fitness is here.  Are you ready to be part of it?




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iFIT Health & Fitness is a global health and fitness technology company that provides unmatched fitness experiences and solutions to its growing community of millions of engaged members across 120 countries. iFIT’s industry-leading brands – NordicTrack®, ProForm® and Freemotion® – are powered by the iFIT integrated health and fitness platform, which seamlessly connects the company’s proprietary software, experiential content and interactive hardware. Based in Logan, Utah, with offices in Paris, Shanghai, Melbourne, Manchester and more, the company offers immersive, adaptive, personalized workout experiences for every fitness level and interest. iFIT delivers these patented interactive experiences through an extensive offering of live and on-demand content across a full range of fitness modalities. The Company holds more than 400 active and pending patents. Learn more at iFIT.com.

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