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Part 2: Unlocking The Potential Of Connected Fitness


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Further explore how technology can lift the average fitness facility out of mediocrity and into significance. Gain insight on how results-driven, progressive content can differentiate your organization and deliver a member experience that enhances member connection and increases retention.

Key Takeaways


1 | It’s all about the experience

Members join clubs for many reasons, but they stay because of the experiences you provide them, and a connected fitness experience is becoming a key driver in their decision-making process.

2 | Make it Experiential and Interactive

Don’t just add technology to your fitness offering for the sake of doing it. Ensure your technology and connected fitness offerings provide value on their own – consider an interactive experience driven by a coach.

3 | Provide results-driven content

Boutique gyms have been successful over the last ten years because people pay a premium for results. Help members progress their fitness with content that grows with them.

4 | Content is King, but Context is Queen

While the quality threshold of content must remain high, it’s not just about a high production value. It’s also about the storytelling the content conveys and how it engages the audience, almost mimicking the binge-worthy nature of entertainment content.

5 | Progressive Content Increases Retention

Provide content that grows with your members, driving them to the next day, the next workout, the next series. Progressive content keeps engagement and retention high.

VP of Strategic Accounts and Digital Content – Freemotion

Jeff Esswein

Jeff Esswein brings a uniquely diverse and extensive wealth of experience to any discussion within the fitness industry, especially surrounding fitness and technology. Currently, the Vice President of Strategic Accounts and Digital Content with Freemotion Fitness, Jeff has also built and operated two 150,000 sq ft multipurpose athletic facilities since the 90s. Jeff has more than 30 years of industry experience, including as the founder and EVP of ClubCom.

CEO – REX Roundtables

Eddie Tock

Eddie Tock is a partner with REX Roundtables, a global organization that runs Executive Mastermind roundtables with more than 250 very successful club owners and executives in groups throughout the US, Europe, and Australia. A top speaker for IHRSA Conventions, Club Industry Shows, and previously a faculty member for IHRSA’s Institute for Professional Club Management, Eddie has worked with over 1400 clubs worldwide since 1983.

22 SERIES HEADER Upright Bike(2880×120)

22 Series

Powered by iFIT, the 22 SERIES keeps users engaged with vivid imagery, motivational coaching, and auto-adjusting technology that delivers an immersive and interactive cardio experience.