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Cornerstone Clubs

Distinguishing yourself from the competition: How Freemotion helped create a unique offering

With three locations in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Cornerstone Clubs are modern facilities. They offer a wide range of services from yoga to dance and mind/body programs to cardiac rehabilitation and cancer fitness classes. So when the leaders at Cornerstone wanted to further differentiate themselves from the competition, they turned to Freemotion for unique solutions that people couldn’t find anywhere else.


New Hope, Pennsylvania is the definition of a quaint, artistic town nestled on the banks of the Delaware River. This town has a long history dating back to George Washington’s Crossing of the Delaware, a site located just outside of the town.

People of all ages interested in improving their fitness, wellness, and overall lifestyle chose the Cornerstone Clubs brand facilities in New Hope. Cornerstone used to accommodate the community’s needs via multiple locations within a few city blocks. But as the need continued to grow, Cornerstone recognized the need for one single, comprehensive multifaceted large facility.

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"We have an active personal training business and because of Freemotion, our trainers can seamlessly move a client from one piece of equipment to the next. Everything works together..."

– Howard Butowsky, Chief Operating Officer


With a small dose of luck and superior timing, a vacant supermarket space became available near the New Hope facility. At first, the plan was to move all of the original equipment from one facility to another and piece-meal in some additions as needed. The initial request to Freemotion was for a handful of EPIC Free Weight benches to fill the new 25,000 square foot space.

However, after meeting with their local Freemotion Territory Manager, the leaders at Cornerstone saw a greater opportunity to make the new site a true showcase for the brand. They wanted to offer their members and staff a comprehensive, top of the line equipment brand that was not only innovative, but also functional; and Freemotion was the obvious choice.

With a comprehensive equipment plan – including the entire Freemotion Epic Selectorized line, Genesis, Genesis DS, Incline Trainers, Tour de France bikes and Epic Free Weights – the Cornerstone Club became the new standard when it came to working out.


As soon as the Freemotion machines were installed, members immediately took notice. “We have trainers on the floor to help people and integrate new members by taking them through the gym and showing them how different pieces of equipment work,” said Howard Butowsky, Chief Operating Officer of Cornerstone Clubs. “Once people saw other people using Freemotion and learned how to themselves, everyone loved it. There was no intimidating factor. They love how one machine can do so many different things”.

In addition to enjoying the functionality of Freemotion, Howard says that the look and feel of the selectorized and cable-based machines is not only ergonomic but it works together well. “We created a showcase on our fitness floor at Cornerstone. We have the Freemotion EPIC Selectorized machines on the outer edge and then Genesis, Genesis DS and LiveAxis more towards the center.” In addition to adding excitement, the new layout created a training circuit that soon became a “hot spot” for members to get the most effective workout.

“Freemotion gives our trainers and members the greatest amount of flexibility,” Howard said. “We have an active personal training business and because of Freemotion, our trainers can seamlessly move a client from one piece of equipment to the next. Everything works together.”