Markets Case Study

Optimum Performance Sports

Through its three locations in Indiana, OPS strives to make its local communities healthier and more active. Combining premium facilities, a team approach to individualized care and programs based on research, OPS’s vision is that “anyone can be an athlete”. Its mission, therefore, is to help athletes of all ages and skill levels to achieve their goals – whether that’s in competitive sport or living a healthier life.

A Commitment to the Community

OPS’s priority is to have a positive impact within its geographical footprint by serving its communities. At the heart of its operations is a commitment to being a superb community partner. An example of this is the way it provides sports medicine services to a variety of different organizations.

It offers a 24-hour fitness center featuring top-of-the-line Freemotion equipment as well as personal training, nutrition services, group fitness classes. The facility is family-friendly, offering a child activity center and in-house restaurant.

Maximizing the Member Journey Through Omnichannel

In its quest to provide its communities with the best possible health and fitness journey, OPS has understood the importance of engaging with members and customers wherever they are – not just during their visits to the facilities.

To achieve this, OPS has embraced a true omnichannel solution, in partnership with Freemotion and iFIT. Each OPS member receives an iFIT membership, allowing them to enjoy the iFIT digital content in and out of the facility, whether using Freemotion cardio machines in the fitness center or exercising in the comfort of their homes or on the go. By maximizing the member journey through an omnichannel approach, OPS has increased engagement, retention, and the lifetime value of its membership.

Jason Russell, Founder/Executive Director, OPS

We started out with a traditional sports medicine model. Over the years, our approach has evolved and it is now that everyone is an athlete, even though they don’t know how to be one – and it’s our job to help them on that journey. That vision – of helping people achieve their goals – is one shared by Freemotion and iFIT, so the partnership is a natural one.


Dan Toigo was in my office one day and we were talking about how we could integrate that vision into a larger fitness model for the general public. Through those conversations, we knew that this would be a great partnership – and one which could change the landscape of health and fitness.

Photo: Left: Jason Russell, Right: Dan Toigo

iFIT Custom Workout Solutions

Having iFIT allows us to have multiple touchpoints, through which we can follow and support our members’ fitness journey. We can give them a comprehensive set of tools that get them results.

Many people lose interest in fitness within weeks if they don’t see results. Using our facility, I can take a member and do some testing on them – from respiratory quotient to heart rates – and put together a plan of what they need to do to get results. The member can then go into our facility and train or, using iFIT, train at home or on the go. Wherever they are, the iFIT integration allows us to arm them with the knowledge of what they need to do to get those results.

So with the help of Freemotion and iFIT, we’ve created a fitness center without walls, which means we can stay in touch with members no matter where they exercise. By wrapping our on-site facility offer in an iFIT-powered omnichannel solution, we can keep members engaged with our brand, which creates loyalty and improves retention.

Dan Toigo, Senior VP of iFIT and MD of Freemotion

Integrating Freemotion and iFIT into an omnichannel solution has been a long-term company goal. By providing the ability for members to take their training wherever they go, operators can “meet” them where they are. That vision has become more relevant than ever now, since the pandemic.

OPS is a great example of a forward-thinking operator who wants to have a connection with each member not only when they are at the facility, but when they are on the go or at home. Because that really will produce the ultimate results. What we have done with iFIT is help OPS achieve that goal, without the need for Jason and his team to build a platform of their own at a great cost. iFIT allows OPS and its members to enjoy the benefits of a proven, world-class service, which they simply layer on top of what they offer at their clubs.


In-Facility Engagement

On iFIT-powered Freemotion cardio machines, OPS members can train smarter at the gym. With interactive, immersive, auto-adjusting technology, they can work out in the world’s most breathtaking locations, enjoy an energizing live studio class, chart a course with Google Maps, and more. The equipment responds automatically with what’s happening on a user’s screen, adjusting the speed, incline, decline and/or resistance. As a result, all members need to do is focus on reaching their goal.

Away from the Facility

When unable to make it to the fitness center, OPS members can take their iFIT experience home on their NordicTrack, Pro-Form or other brand of home equipment and take their fitness journeys to the next level. They can also use the iFIT TV app, all this without ever leaving home.

And if they’re on the go or training outdoors, iFIT travels with them. From HIIT workouts and yoga classes to strength conditioning and more, members can choose when, where and how they work out with the iFIT mobile app.

Integrating Freemotion and iFIT allows OPS to have more touchpoints with their members. All these combined present a great marketing opportunity, engagement and retention.

Pioneering Approach

By combining its state-of-the-art facilities with Freemotion’s innovative equipment and iFIT’s market-leading digital platform, OPS has reacted to a changing fitness marketplace reshaped by the pandemic. It has become a modern-day fitness game-changer and a pioneer in a new world in which successful operators must provide interactive, connected fitness offerings to meet their members’ diverse needs and expectations.

Connected fitness is more than a passing trend, it is the future of the industry – and that future is on show in the way OPS, Freemotion and iFIT have teamed up to create a complete journey for members. This is because connected fitness means much more than streaming videos. It means fully immersing exercisers with interactive experiences that bring down the four walls of a facility.