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The William Vale

The William Vale is a 23-story modern luxury property and a true retreat for guests to rest, relax and recharge amid New York City’s iconic skyline. Learn how Freemotion and iFIT positioned The William Vale as a premier fitness and wellness destination with immersive and engaging omnichannel solutions.

Omnichannel Wellness Experiences in the Heart of New York

Since 2016, The William Vale has reimagined the modern-luxury hotel experience. Surrounded by the eclectic, trendsetting buzz of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, The William Vale is a retreat for visitors and locals alike to rest, relax and recharge amid New York City’s iconic skyline.

As travelers become more conscious about their physical, mental and emotional well-being, The William Vale recognized an opportunity to engage with this trend and exceed the expectations of increasingly wellness-savvy guests.

The ideal partners to bring The William Vale’s vision to life, Freemotion and iFIT, elevate the guest experience with commercial hotel fitness equipment and technology that immerses them in an ecosystem of health and wellness from check-in to check-out across the entire property.

Brooklyn Rising

In its size and mission, The William Vale stands out— literally. Nestled in a sprawling 50,000 square-foot site, the 23-story property springs up as a beacon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. When it opened in September 2016, The William Vale set out to evolve guests’ perceptions of Brooklyn by incorporating Williamsburg’s dynamic energy into the heart and soul of The William Vale.

“The notion of traditional luxury that you would find, maybe, in Manhattan that speaks to luxury experiences, wouldn’t fit into the environment in Brooklyn,” said David Lemmond, General Manager at The William Vale. “Finding ways to blend the guest experience with everything in the neighborhood was really the focus for us.”

The William Vale caters to a diverse clientele, from business travelers looking for relaxation away from busy schedules to locals searching for a nearby retreat and tourists who want to go off the beaten path. “They want to explore and understand what else New York City has to offer,” David explained.

Engaging Guests With Experiential Wellness

Consumers are more conscious than ever before of their personal well-being. They also long to travel again and crave wellness experiences during their stay. According to a recent report from American Express, 60 percent of respondents said they dream of planning a wellness-focused vacation. The effects of the pandemic, coupled with travelers increasing appetite for wellness experiences, present hoteliers with an opportunity to capitalize on this ever-growing market.

For The William Vale, curating distinct, wellness-focused experiences has always been top of mind. Guests can savor southern Italian cuisine by award-winning Chef Andrew Carmellini at Leuca, sip craft cocktails at The William Vale’s rooftop bar— Westlight, swim in a 60 ft. long outdoor pool, and enjoy cultural programming at Vale Park, a 15,000 sq. ft. elevated green space.

For The William Vale, curating distinct, wellness-focused experiences has always been top of mind. Despite its rich portfolio of immersive, sensory-driven experiences, The William Vale sought to expand its experiential wellness offerings even further, beginning with the property’s fitness center. “It was a traditional fitness center,” David said. “It provided guests with a very predictable experience. It was not extraordinary. It was ordinary.”

Transforming The William Vale’s fitness center to match its vision required partnering with industry-leading brands that push the boundaries of wellness hospitality and keep guests engaged and excited throughout their entire stay.

Enter Freemotion and iFIT.

Freemotion and iFIT: The “Game Changers”

For over 20 years, Freemotion has enhanced the guest experience with commercial fitness equipment and technology that redefine cardio, group, and strength training. Today, Freemotion is at the cutting-edge of developing the next generation of fitness and wellness with iFIT— the world’s #1 health and fitness platform. Every day, iFIT empowers over 6 million members across the globe to reach their goals through interactive, connected fitness experiences.

“We want to reach the largest number of guests in terms of their fitness needs while they’re traveling, as much as we possibly can,” David noted. “What Freemotion and iFIT brought has elevated the Fitness Center to the next level from end to end.”

iFIT-powered, Freemotion cardio machines offer the world’s only truly interactive connected fitness experience that transports guests to the most breathtaking destinations on all seven continents. Freemotion inclusive strength training equipment ensures all guests of all abilities can experience a high-quality, total-body workout.

“Every piece of Freemotion equipment has all of the capacities that are tested to physically perform at the level you would expect in a well-utilized fitness center,” David added. “And the iFIT components are the cherry on top. That really was the game-changer for us.”

Embracing the Future of In-Room Fitness

The William Vale offers a one-of-a-kind, interactive cardio experience in four of its premier suites with the Freemotion CoachBikeTM. As an in-suite amenity, guests can warm up and work out while staying in.

“We didn’t really have anything built into the suites to offer wellness and fitness to a discerning guest,” David explained. “By adding the CoachBikeTM, it really bumps it up another level.”

The CoachBikeTM immerses guests in a true-to-life cycling experience. From the comfort of their room, they become world travelers as they train in over 60 countries filmed on-location as hundreds of professional athletes, Olympic champions, celebrity trainers and renowned historians adjust their incline, decline, speed and/or resistance.

“Not having to leave your suite, not having to leave the hotel if you don’t really want to is enhanced by the fact that you can now use the CoachBikeTM in your room,” David added. “The different rides that you can take around the world is the perfect addition to our suites that seemed like they already had it all.”

Omnichannel Experiences That Keep Guests Engaged

Engaging and experiential, iFIT seamlessly blends physical fitness, mental health, nutrition and recovery into an immersive and interactive experience that travels with guests during their stay at The William Vale.

“Technology doesn’t just live in the fitness center. It now travels with the guest wherever they want,” David said of the iFIT experience. “It really is portable in a way that the guest now has the ability to translate their experience into something that works for them personally.”

At the fitness center, in their rooms, or on the go, with iFIT, guests can press play and access thousands of live and on-demand workouts, allowing them the freedom to choose their own fitness and wellness experiences— wherever they are.

Freemotion and iFIT Takes Care Of Your Guests

The hospitality industry is entering a golden age of prioritizing health-conscious guests with wellness-focused amenities that are imaginative and innovative. In response, travelers expect properties to offer immersive experiences to keep them active and engaged.

“You really just need the program, you need the content, you need that experience to be able to share with your guests,” David said. “And Freemotion and iFIT brought that to the table.”

William Vale
Press Release


September 10, 2021

The new partnership will give hotel guests unprecedented wellness and connected fitness experiences in the newly transformed Fitness Center, in-room, and throughout the property.