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A healthy workforce is a more productive one. Freemotion can help drive up productivity and employee morale.

Put a focus on what matters most to any successful company - the people who work there. A stellar employee gym can keep staff motivated, healthy and promote a good work/life balance. Discover which companies have already trusted Freemotion to create a space for teams to come together, work out and put their health first.


If you’re a collector of pop culture items, there’s more than a little chance you’ve heard of Funko. With licensing rights to everything from comic book characters to sports stars, Funko has made a name for itself as the makers of quirky, trendy vinyl collectibles, action figures, graphic Tees and home and accessories (including skateboards!). When Funko wanted to create a cutting edge fitness facility for its 100+ employees, they came to Freemotion with an open mind and one requirement: It had to be cool!

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