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No adjustments are needed on the EPIC Chest by Freemotion; just sit and push to strengthen and isolate chest muscles. The exercise starts wide and goes narrow, utilizing natural motion to create a progressive workout that's effective for beginners and experts. The large handle and big backrest support the converging axis pattern, while adding to an open gym feel that's clean and welcoming.

Pinpoint your focus

Pinpoint your focus

Arms move in a converging axis pattern to create a natural movement that targets muscle groups.

Customize your workout

Customize your workout

Unilateral arms move one at a time to create single or dual-arm exercises.

Extended handles

Extended handles

'Longer than usual' handles are made to fit people of all sizes.




Product Specifications
Standard Frame Colors Platinum Sparkle
Optional Frame Colors Available On Request
Plastic Colors Black
Standard Upholstery Colors Black
Optional Upholstery Colors Available On Request
Hand Grip Colors Black
Equipment Features
Instructional Placards Yes
Adjustments Seat adjusts to multiple positions
Weight Stack lbs (kg) 295 lbs (133.8 kg)
Frame and Finish Platinum Sparkle
Upholstery Vinyl, 1.5 in (3.8 cm) thick foam
Rubber Feet Molded floor protectors
Resistance lbs (kg) 295 lbs (133.8 kg)
Weight Stack Configuration lbs (kg) 10-80 x 10 lbs (4.5 kg)
90-290 x 20 lbs (9 kg)
Misc. Resistance 5 lbs drop down weight (2.2 kg)
Product Dimensions & Weight
Machine Weight lbs (kg) 626.1 lbs (284 Kg)
L x W x H in (cm) 41 x 59 x 72 in (104.1 x 149.8 x 182.8 cm)
Shipping Dimensions & Weight
Shipping Weight lb Box 1: 756 lbs (342 kg)
Box 2: 22 lbs (9.9 kg)
L x W x H in (cm) Box 1: 42.1 x 30.1 x 76.7 in (104.7 x 76.4 x 194.8 cm)
Box 2: 38.5 x 14.1 x 4.3 in (97.7 x 35.8 x 10.9 cm)
Regulatory Approvals
Approvals EN957, CE
Warranty (US)
Frame 10 Years
Bearings 3 Years
Guide Rods 3 Years
Pulleys 3 Years
Weight Stacks 3 Years
Cables 1 Year
Upholstery 120 Days
Handles and Accessories 120 Days
Labor 1 Year
Warranty (International)
Frame 10 Years
Bearings 3 Years
Guide Rods 3 Years
Pulleys 3 Years
Weight Stacks 3 Years
Cables 1 Year
Labor 1 Year
Upholstery 120 Days
Handles and Accessories 120 Days
Converging Axis Arms

With natural movement and intensified muscle concentration, these Freemotion arms move in a converging axis pattern.

Seat adjustment

This seat is easily adjusted to fit people of all sizes.


Heavy-duty, 1⁄4 in (0.63 cm) cable is rated to 4,200 lbs (1905 kg) tensile strength.

Weight stack and increment system

With a 295 lbs (133 kg) weight stack and 5 lbs (2.2 kg) drop-down increment weight, the Freemotion EPIC Chest works chest and upper body muscles that will get stronger with every use.

Floor Protectors

Made with molded rubber, the Freemotion floor guards help protect your floor.


The tower design allows for simple cable service and make replacing parts easy.

PDF Downloads
Epic Selectorized Line Brochure Download PDF
Product Information Sheet Download PDF


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