Chuze Fitness

The leaders at Chuze Fitness have always tapped Freemotion’s Master Coach Training to teach their personal trainers. When they wanted to increase their top tier membership package, they relied on Freemotion to add a unique offering to their gym.


What started out as a low priced, big box gym in San Diego, has become an award-winning gym, where members feel like family. The gym feels like a night out with your friends and the owners don’t want you to go broke paying gym dues. Chuze Fitness wanted to take their standard, big box environment and turn it into something truly unique – a gym that had the feel of a high-end country club, with a membership that costs less than a community center.

One way that Chuze saw they could differentiate themselves was to train their staff with Freemotion’s Master Coach Training. Achieving ‘expert level status’ on the Genesis line in December 2014, this revolutionary gym established their credibility and offered a superior workout to their clientele. Chuze Fitness saw such value and return on their investment with Master Coach Training that when they opened additional locations at Fullerton, Rancho Cucamonga, Chula Vista, Santee in California, Colorado Westminster, Thornton and Littleton, they continued to enroll in the training to provide members with a level of training they couldn’t get anywhere else.

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Equipment Highlight

"...Having the Freemotion Incline Trainer...increased our services and helped our members attain their fitness goals."

– Chuze CEO, Cory Brightwell


While Chuze was seeing success with the Master Coach Training by Freemotion, they had a new vision to create a separate room for their top tier pricing structure. In this room, they wanted the best of the best – cutting edge fitness training, top entertainment features, and maintenance free dependability. In addition, Chuze wanted to incorporate group training, and other small group facilities to widen their offering.

“We liked the Freemotion Incline Trainer right away,” says Chuze CEO, Cory Brightwell. “The whole reason why Chuze is different is the extreme value we offer. Having the Freemotion Incline Trainer as a part of our exclusive workout area to our top level members increased our services and helped our members attain their fitness goals.”

“At Chuze, we care most about quality of service for our members. Freemotion has proven that the products they develop are top-of-the-line, as are the people and service behind those products.”

Business Impact

When the Freemotion Incline Trainers were introduced at Chuze Fitness in California, members noticed. “Not only did those machines get a lot of traffic, we started incorporating the Incline Trainers into small group training classes and our community loved the classes,” says Brightwell.

Now, with expansion plans in each Chuze location, the Incline Trainer is a key component to a superior workout. “At Chuze we care most about quality of service for our members, and the same goes for the vendors with whom we choose to do business. Freemotion has proven that the products they develop are top-of-the-line, and more importantly, the people and service behind those products. From new orders and installs, to repairs and maintenance, Freemotion continues to show us they truly value their customers,” says Cory.