Design My Space

Design your gym floor by using the Freemotion Space Planning Tool. Complete with a Freemotion machine list customized to your specific needs.

Bring your vision to life

Find your starting block with the Freemotion Space Planning Tool. This real-time space planning tool will help you create your gym layout, including your favorite Freemotion machines. Ideal for first-time gym owners or those looking to expand or build a new training space, the Freemotion Space Planning Tool is an interactive platform that creates personalized, functional training spaces that engage members and add to your fitness offering.

Get Started

Launch the Space Planning Tool, select your room shape and size, then add your Freemotion equipment. Drag and drop your Freemotion equipment, furniture and accessories to create a floor plan you can bring to life. Save your customized floor plan and share it with your team.

Once you have your plan, contact your Freemotion Consultant to get one step closer to bringing your vision to reality.