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Perfect partnership: How Freemotion and Orangetheory Fitness are redefining the way companies work together

There’s no denying the power of the Orangetheory Fitness workout. The high-octane, high-calorie burn workout is sweeping the globe because it’s fun, community-based, and, ultimately, because it delivers results. But a key ingredient to the success of this global craze is the equipment used day in day out.


There’s no denying the power of the Orangetheory Fitness workout. The high octane, high calorie burn workout is sweeping the globe because it’s fun, community based, and, ultimately, because it delivers results. But a key ingredient to the success of this global craze is the equipment used day in day out.

And it was here where a new, forward thinking partnership was formed between Orangetheory and Freemotion, the global innovators in treadmill and fitness equipment technology.

Orangetheory loved the REFLEX™ Treadmill but had ideas of how to take the product to the next level, tailoring it to the unique experience they wished to deliver. In this case study, we’ll reveal how Orangetheory and Freemotion worked together to create a truly unique experience that’s become a worldwide phenomenon.


With a ‘run feel’ like no other product on the market, Freemotion’s bestselling treadmill the REFLEX™ was making a name for itself thanks to 1 STEP™ Controls and its impressive incline and decline range.

Although Orangetheory liked the machine and could see how it would work in their clubs and workouts, there was something still missing. Undeterred, we saw this a great opportunity to do what we love… innovate!

Committed to providing the best 1 step control treadmill available, Freemotion worked with Orangetheory at its factory in Logan, Utah, to take part in focus groups, meetings and testing sessions to customize the treadmill a truly collaborative process; a shared determination to deliver excellence.

“The treadmill grew around us and it’s an incredible success,” said Orangetheory’s Director of Construction and Studio Development, William Gaebel. We brought in influential Orangetheory Fitness coaches, trainers, and the engineering team at Freemotion, and had the REFLEX™ treadmill built to our specs.”

Now customized for the unique Orangetheory workout, the trademark aspects of the Freemotion REFLEX™ treadmill remain, such as the 1 STEP™ controls and shock absorbing deck that turns non runners into runners at the touch of a button.

“The REFLEX™ deck is the ultimate Orangetheory experience,” said Gaebel. “It has become synonymous with the Orangetheory brand.” Gaebel also highlights that the 1 STEP™ controls add to the Orangetheory workout experience: “With other treadmills, you have to push the buttons multiple times to get the speed and the incline we want people to get to right away. With the REFLEX™, they get there immediately.”



After being named the preferred treadmill vendor, Freemotion solidified its growing partnership with Orangetheory Fitness to include elite customer service.

“Our Freemotion customer service advisory feels like part of our team,” said Gaebel . If there is a problem in one of our markets, Freemotion stops at nothing to resolve it. They have been known to fly out to a club overnight to ensure they are there the next day to personally oversee and look into a problem. Our Freemotion contact will camp out on site until those treads are up and running.”

Despite being a global brand, Freemotion is nimble when it comes to processing orders and it’s definitely ‘service with a smile.’ When it comes to us asking ourselves ‘who’s our best supplier?’ the answer is Freemotion” Gaebel added.

Due to the very nature of the Orangetheory brand, the treads are in constant use, with no downtime. “We are uniquely hard on our equipment; we push it to the limit. Freemotion is always there for us with support, feedback and issue resolution,” Gaebel said.

To this day, the partnership and refinement of the REFLEX Treadmill continue to be a shining example of how a manufacturer and client can work together to achieve a combine d goal. “With every iteration of the REFLEX, it just keeps getting better,” said Gaebel. “Some companies try to cut corners by making machines with cheaper parts. But, with Freemotion, it’s just the opposite. The treadmill keeps getting better and better that that’s because of partnership and the Freemotion engineering team.”

It was the first time Freemotion ever partnered with a client to create a treadmill that specifically fit their needs. “Together we created the first HIIT treadmill and now, everyone is copying it,” said Gaebel. “We appreciate the partnership with Freemotion; it’s a good thing and it keeps getting better. And I can’t say that about other relationships we have with vendors.”